I am Holding a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Frankfurt University, Germany.

Masters Thesis Title:
Finetunning and Optimizing a Security Operations Center (SOC)


I have 7 years of experience in Information Security and 3 Years in Linux and DataCenter Administration. I have done Multiple Information Security Projects with Govt\Private organizations Banks, Universities, Hospitals in Bahrain, Oman and Germany. 
Some of my recent Projects are

  • Implementing MSSP Security Operations Center from scratch in a leading telecom Operator in Bahrain.
    • Creating User Behavior Analysis Rules
    • Working with regex to create custom Parsing rules
    • Complete Incident Management
    • Forensics and Malware Sanboxing
    • Automated Reports Generation to detect trends in Malware, Detect Excessive Single IP to Multiple Ports Scanning, Dangerous GeoLocations, Applications Usage e.t.c.
  • Numerous Pentesting and Vulnerability Assessments for Banks and ISPs and Universities. Using Nessus, Nexpose, Metasploit, Kali Linux, PowerShell and Python Scripts
  • Conducted several BlackHat, GreyHat, RedTeaming, Phishing Exercises for Banks.
  • PAM , Multi Factor Authentication Systems Installation and Implementation.
  • BaseLine Configurations and Policies for minimum Security and Compliance testing
  • Information Security Analyst and Trainer, (I have Trained staff of ISP on CEH course)
  • I also worked as Linux Servers and DataCenter Expert for Virtualization and WebHosting Solutions in an ISP.
  • Information Security Products include but not limited to (IPS, IDS, SIEM, EDR Solutions, EndPoint Protection and DLP, Firewall, AntiDDOS Solutions, Logging Solutions, NetFlow).