CISSP Study Material

Use Sybex 7th Edition As Your Primary Study Guide
User Shon Harris As Your Encyclopedia
Take At Least 5,000 Practice Exam Questions
Watch As Many CISSP Videos As Possible
Use Mind Maps and Domain Summaries
Discipline and Dedication
Sybex 7 th ed. Cover to Cover.
Shon Harris 7 th reference only - Kelly Handerhan free video course. Highly recommend
Various test question books from Safari Books online
Quizlet – Search ‘CISSP’ – Tons of pre-made flash cards
Luke’s “Study Notes and Theory” + Telegram Group
Dan’s CISSP Cram – PDF which is available via Luke’s members site. This was my bible for 3+ months.
Many Youtube videos on various topics.

That's Prashant Mohan.

“The Memory Palace – A Quick Refresher For Your CISSP Exam” is the contribution by Prashant which takes him out of the shadows of the CISSP underworld and into the front stage where he belongs.  Prashant has taken his own personal time to create this collection of CISSP exam notes.  They are meticulous, valuable, and lumbering with some of the most core topics and concepts you will have to know before taking the exam.!YcM0ECCT!23ZNap9d-M0FGRekENAOidX7di69VUw6RuDHv9XyCS4

CISSP Updated Sunflower Summary

HUGE thanks to the original contributors for updating the Sunflower Free CISSP Summary to reflect the new domains of the CISSP exam.  It played a major role in helping me, and others, pass their CISSP exam.

Credit to the original authors: 

  • Maarten de Frankrijker
  • Christian Reina
  • Steve Warnock!9IdA3YyQ!JloCYPOV5xBaEjBZ3DJ8GIyouVwTCAEMC_4w_53LJ1w

CISSP Exam Cram

Fourth Edition

Michael Gregg!gEFy1ICL!573cEGDMjoD-LDkIoVwa-RxOC-csy0s72fJa8sz_lR0

CISSP Study Guide by Simon Owens


Roberta Bragg, CISSP!ldU2jAZJ!Cc7VUT7k39P9yt9WehHsHXtEGS3VviJp5FLDukxU1Sk

CISSP Process Guide v2.0

Thank you to Fadi aka “madunix”, for this comprehensive set of CISSP notes! We appreciate the time and effort it has taken to keep this document continually updated.!ARlwCY5b!3d-baRTTP2yExt2JyXAhFQNs2hGwKENn28mvQ_PofAg

CISSP Study Notes from CISSP Prep Guide

The CISSP Prep Guide: Mastering the Ten Domains of Computer Security by Ronald L. Krutz, Russell Dean Vines, Edward M. Stroz and are not intended to be a replacement to the book!5Y8GFYoA!WEWqrGlLDHTGq9LRozSCcBUht2XHHBgFrlwe7xy392Q

CISSP Study Notes and Theories

CISSP Process Guide Notes PDF


Organized Sunflower CISSP Notes

The Core CISSP Concepts

Sunflower CISSP Notes Old Version

CISSP-Related NIST Documents

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