Humio Recognized as Top 3 Observability Award Winner by EMA

Humio delivers modern log management with streaming observability to enable customers to log everything and answer anything in real time. Today, Humio is proud to be recognized by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) as a Top 3 Award Winner for Log Management and Observability. This award is further validation of Humio’s approach to delivering streaming observability for our customers. 

Overcoming Today’s Observability Challenges

To prevent system outages and keep your organization safe, it’s more important than ever to have real-time visibility into your organization’s systems to log all of your data, turning data into actionable insights that help your team quickly respond to incidents. EMA has recognized Humio’s unique ability to ingest data from almost any source to help organizations answer any question. 

Humio’s index-free architecture enables real-time querying and alerting and delivers intelligent insights based on the context of each query. The end result is that developers, infrastructure operations teams and business staff can discover previously hidden correlations between business KPIs, user experience, application performance, infrastructure configuration, code changes and more. 

“Our developers are digging into their logs much more than before, setting alerts, creating dashboards. It really means the world in a self-service, developer-focused microservice environment.” — Humio customer Kasper Nissen, cloud architect at Lunar

Humio’s Business Impact

EMA highlights the business impact of Humio in the following features:

  • Index-free logging to enhance productivity for developers and accelerate software development
  • Empowers users in real time by providing machine learning-driven identification of important events
  • Business-driven optimization for IT and DevOps
  • Built-in, cloud-native log management, such as for Kubernetes 
  • Setup of continuous compliance management through automated auditing 

Torsten Volk, managing research director at EMA, summarizes the power of Humio, saying, “Humio helps organizations tap into their vastly unused operations data without having to worry about the boundaries of individual data sources or the time it will take to execute complex queries that cross these boundaries. This ability to simply correlate anything with anything else is exactly what is needed to create a data-driven culture within all parts of an organization. When you log everything, you can basically ask any question. This is exciting.”

Read the full report to learn how customers can use Humio to transform their businesses.

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Author: Cinthia Portugal

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