Threat Intelligence to Protect a Remote Workforce

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Adversaries are preying on the fear and disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Their use of COVID-19-related phishing lures with promises of aid or information is now commonplace.  In addition, the rapid pivot of organizations to work-from-home has created opportunities for adversaries to probe for security gaps in the newly deployed infrastructure. How can teams be aware of new attacks, who they target, and which tactics are employed, so they can proactively strengthen their cyber defenses?


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Know Your Adversary

In the world of cybersecurity, organizations spend billions to defend against cyber threats, but attacks and breaches keep increasing at alarming rates. Many organizations rely solely on their investments in cyber defenses without truly understanding the attacks and adversaries they face. The best security teams recognize that adversaries and defenders are constantly trying to outmaneuver each other and gain the advantage. To build an effective defense, you need to know which assets must be protected, where they reside, who wants them, and how they could be accessed.

Many consider threat intelligence to be a simple indicator of compromise (IOC) feed that is used to block or trigger alerts based on data obtained from prior attacks. However, threat intelligence is much more than an IOC feed. It is also research into adversaries, campaigns and their attacks. If you understand the attacker’s intent, motivation and tradecraft, you can become more proactive in your defenses.

By leveraging threat intelligence in the fight against the adversaries, organizations can finally level the playing field and better protect their most precious assets.


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