New Talos Takes podcast puts Talos’ spin on the latest cyber news

By Jon Munshaw.

Today, Cisco Talos’ podcast network is growing with a new show.

Talos Takes is a new podcast that provides Talos analysts’ and researchers’ opinions and expertise on the hottest topics in cyber security. The first three episodes of the show — covering holiday shopping scams, protecting your new gadget and the basics of malvertising — are in the Beers with Talos podcast feed right now.

In 2020, we will be launching a new, separate podcast feed for Talos Takes that you’ll be able to subscribe to on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play and any other place where you get your podcasts.

We plan to release episodes on a regular basis, but expect new Talos Takes to be dropping randomly if there’s a breaking news story or a major topic we need to discuss.

In each episode, Talos analysts and researchers will outline the topic they’re going to discuss, and then put a Talos spin on the topic. We’ll cover everything from specific malware families, to different attack vectors and the latest headlines.

Again, you can find the first three episodes in the Beers with Talos feed if you’re already subscribed to BWT, or you can check them out on our Podcasts page here.

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