ClamAV team shows off new Mussels dependency build automation tool

By Micah Snyder.

Today I’m very excited, and a little bit nervous, to unveil Mussels. Mussels is a cross-platform, general-purpose dependency build automation tool. You might compare it with Vcpkg, Conan, or Buildout. It serves a similar purpose, but the approach is a little different.

Mussels is intended to simplify the process of building complex applications that have lengthy dependency chains without having to write all new CMake, Meson, Bazel, XCode, or Visual Studio project files. Instead, you write (and share) simple recipes that leverage the original build systems intended by software authors of your external library dependencies.

For more on Mussels, and where to download it, read the complete post over at the ClamAV blog.

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