New Cisco Talos web reputation verdicts

Cisco Talos has updated and expanded the Talos Threat Levels used to describe our web reputation verdicts. 

As you will see in the chart below, we are increasing the amount of reputation verdicts from three to five. We are retaining the Unknown category, just as before.

Cisco Security products will transition to display these new scores over time, beginning with the upcoming Cisco NGFW release of 6.5. This allows for more granular scoring of web reputation verdicts, and gives customers greater control over the defense of their networks.

Talos Email Reputation scores will not change at this time.

At this time, we are not adjusting Talos Email Reputation scoring, and we have no timeframe for doing so.

Here’s a rundown of our new Threat Levels verbiage:

This chart may also be found on our website.

These changes will have no impact on Talos Web Reputation scoring; only the verdict names will change. For a short period, will show both the new and the old threat level verdicts.

The ability to dispute the reputation of a domain or URL remains the same, and is available to both customers and non-customers alike by visiting our reputation support portal. After logging in, you may fill out the form (up to 50 entries at a time) with URLs, domains, or IPs and propose a reputation verdict that you think the entry should have.

After you submit a ticket, you can view its real-time status on your “My Tickets” page.

We hope everyone finds these changes useful. As always, Talos’ goal is to keep your network and systems safe.

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